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Valerio Lepori, born 1989 in Zurich, started playing the trombone when he was 8 years old and successfully completed his master’s degree in music education and composition in January 2016. He studied the trombone with Nils Wogram, Andreas Tschopp and Markus Wüest and composition with Ed Partyka and Dieter Ammann. At the age of 16 he taught himself how to play the piano and wrote several compositions and arrangements for various ensembles. Additionally he also plays the trombone in a number of bands including Klischée, The Sheiks, Rislane & The Lovers, Jazzlounge 1920, Der Grosse Bär, Boris Pilleri's Jammin' and others.

Work method

Melodies fascinated me from a very young age and I noticed that I have the ability to make one up and memorise it perfectly. I’ve stuck with this method of working until today: I sit down at my piano or take up the trombone and start improvising or just hum melodies that come to mind. I then tape what I have played or hummed and later take the ideas back up and write a composition.

In this process it is important to me that the music happens in the moment and for a composition to arise from improvisation. Music in my opinion shouldn’t be reflected upon too deeply. Music should come from within. It is under such circumstances that the most honest and personal kind of music is created. Be it a romantic piano piece or an old ragtime, every stylistic direction contains its own characteristics that fascinate me in one way or another.


Per Apple Chanphen (Demo)
Infinita bellezza (Demo)
L'accordo introvabile (Demo)
Same same but different (Ragtime)
Semplicità IV
Notte senza Luna (Demo)
May all your dreams...(Demo)
Semplicità V
La tua bellezza (Demo)


Take a look at the newest video clips and get a first impression of my collaboration with the unique VJ crew Rec. Design and the brilliant filmmaker Moritz Weibel.



Are you looking for help with your composition, arrangement, song writing or are you in the search of a ghostwriter? 

If any of the above applies to you then you’re exactly in the right place. On my website I don’t only provide you with already existing music and videos but after a consultation also with a variety of original compositions be it for your band, your ensemble, your agency, your commercial, your film, etc... If you have any questions or would like to receive further information, please contact me.

I also offer interesting, varied and individual private trombone classes in and around Zurich. If you are interested please contact me.


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